Diesel Fuel Filtration


The Separ 2000 series filters is a line of fuel water separators designed to accommodate newer and more demanding diesel engines. They feature 5 stages of filtration that provide 99.9% water separation. They are available from 79 to 2060 GPH for appropriate integration into any fuel system. The Benefits include a small physical size, high flow rate, low restriction, multiple inlet/outlet configurations and long life filter elements.

SEPAR 2000 series filters are commonly used in emergency/stand-by generator diesel engines, bulk fuel storage for farm and fleet use, construction equipment and work boats.

The LKF series is a new addition to the Separ filter family and has been designed for use in engines with lower flow capacities like small gensets, pick-up trucks, light-duty trucks and four wheel drives. The LKF technology provides 95% water separation and the clear bowl makes it easy to see the water level. The SEPAR LKF series filters are available in an industrial version with a flow capacity of 126.8 GPH and an automotive version with a flow capacity of 47.5 GPH.

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