Fuel Polishing Pumps

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Fuel polishing is the cleaning process used to remove or filter water, sediment and biomass sludge from diesel fuel and biodiesel blends in order to maintain the integrity of the fuel. Any of these contaminants will eventually lead to equipment failure. Water and hydrocarbons create the perfect storm for biomass contamination. Some of the indications that you may be dealing with biomass contamination are:

  • Blocked fuel filters with a wet, slimy, foul smelling substance

  • Diesel fuel giving off a foul smell

  • Corroded fuel storage tanks which can lead to fuel tank leaks and environmental damage

  • Large sediment build-up on the bottom of the fuel storage tank

Biomass contamination is significantly accelerated in higher biodiesel content fuels because biodiesel will absorb water during storage. Fuel polishing will help to ensure that the fuel is clean and “dry”, thereby reducing the possibility of equipment failure.

Fuel polishing can be done manually or automatically, and REVERSO offers a variety of pumps to do both.