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Chuck Maguire

President and Chief Executive Officer

Chuck is the President at CFMS Sales and is also the brainchild behind the company. With 30+ years under his belt in the fuel and lubricant industries, Chuck brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the sales and operations side of the business. Chuck is currently 'living the dream' in being able to work shoulder to shoulder with his daughters to take CFMS Sales to the pinnacle of sales success. Listening, problem solving and relationship building are the pillars on which CFMS Sales operates, and having been client-facing for the better part of his career, Chuck has a deep understanding and appreciation for the importance of all three. We couldn't imagine a more qualified or trustworthy person to lead the way at CFMS Sales.


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Michelle Maguire

Director of Sales, Western Canada

Meet Michelle Maguire.  Michelle is our Director of Sales and our business development guru. Michelle’s robust background in marketing and communications make her a key player within the CFMS Sales family.  She is a natural born leader and a passionate sales ambassador.  Michelle believes in building and growing prospect and client relationships through trust and honesty.  She has been cutting her teeth in the sales industry for almost 10 years, and has found the perfect fit within our team.  Michelle brings high standards, honest feedback and opinions, and creativity to her role at CFMS Sales, and our customers know they are in the best hands when Michelle is overseeing things.  Michelle encourages round table discussions, loves to learn, and is always interested in improving business practices.  We couldn't be more thrilled to have Michelle overseeing our Western Canadian region.