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It just doesn't get any better than that!

Innospec Fuel Specialties is the world's only fuel additive manufacturer solely dedicated to fuel and fuel additive technology. Their team is focused on the high performance premium diesel and gasoline markets.  CFMS Sales is working with Innospec to develop a sales and distribution network for their line of premium diesel fuel additives, including their new multi-functional product, POWERGUARD (TM) D4, a newly formulated additive which is TOP TIER DIESEL FUEL APPROVED, and which is sure to be a game changer in the agricultural, construction, marine, mining and transportation industries.


Engineered for all Tier II, III and IV diesel engines, POWERGUARD (TM) D4 is a 100% active ingredient fuel additive, meeting Top Tier Diesel specifications. Whether you operate light duty, medium duty or heavy duty diesel engines, mobile or stationary, POWERGUARD (TM) D4 is your answer to today's complex, fuel related diesel engine issues.

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POWERGUARD (TM) D4 delivers year-round, superior diesel fuel performance - one product for all seasons.

Benefits Include:

  • Recovery of lost fuel economy

  • Recovery of lost horsepower

  • Reduced DPF regenerations

  • Reduced EGR coking and fouling

  • Reduced emissions

  • Improved engine cold starts

  • Improved fuel lubrication

  • Prevention of fuel gelling

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CFMS Sales understands that premium quality diesel fuel additives are an essential element to your diesel engine maintenance programs and we are excited to tell you how this line of additive products will positively impact your day to day operations and how they will make it easier for you to manage your Get Clean - Keep Clean diesel engine programs.