Greenland Corporation is a Canadian company and an industry leader in the development of environmentally safe (ES) lubricants. Their line of environmentally safe, non-toxic, biodegradable lubricants is certified by Environmental Technology Verification Canada Inc. Greenplus ES lubricants will not only mitigate the risk to the environment when spills happen, but will also minimize the risk of liability to your business.

Now that makes good business and environmental sense.

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Made from a renewable resource, Greenplus ES lubricants are rapidly biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally safe to the environment.

When spills happen they can result in massive clean up costs and negative publicity for your business. Using Greenplus ES lubricants ensures that should a spill occur, clean up costs typically associated with fluid leaks in waterways, wetlands, parklands or sewer systems are drastically reduced or even eliminated. That means your business' liability risk is minimized as well.

Let Greenplus ES products help define who you are as a business and what you stand for.


Greenplus ES lubricants do not contain petroleum based feedstocks, additives or carriers, nor do they contain any heavy metals. These products have high natural viscosity and stability that will help to improve the performance levels of machinery as well as extend equipment life. In addition, health risks to equipment operators and mechanics can also be reduced.

The Greenplus ES line of products includes:

  • Hydraulic Fluid
  • Chain Saw Bar Oil
  • Form Release Agent
  • Wire Rope Lubricant
  • Saw Guide Oil
  • Line Shaft Turbine Fluid
  • Dust Control Agent
  • Rust Remover and Metal Protector
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Let your customers know that your business takes the environment seriously and that you are doing your part to save it from 'oil spill' damage. Use Greenplus ES lubricants in your equipment and display the Greenplus ES label advertising the fact that your business uses environmentally safe lubricants.